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During one interview today I was asked what SMB gets out of all the sharing we do on StockTwits. Well really thoughtful emails like the below are one thing:



For what it’s worth, my observation of the changes and improvements that you have
made in your video presentations over the past months is that they are remarkable.
The substance of the material presented and the mechanics of production of the
videos seems to improve each month. You’ve provided quite an impressive mix of
topics, presentations, presenters and backgrounds. I can tell that what we have
seen to date is only the beginning, the wind is at your back, there is much more to

Most of your initial hiccups have been addressed. Sometimes the sound on the video,
especially when you are in the class room setting, is difficult to hear or follow.
I am sure you are aware of this issue and, of course, it is of relatively minor
consequence. Respectfully, may I suggest that the presenter/moderator repeat or
paraphrase the questions from the audience or that a mic be provided for use by the
class room audience.

I am sure SMB’s commitment and expense has been notably substanial. For my part, I
would not have been able to come to know SMB or have benefited from your
presentations otherwise. Please accept my appreciation of your efforts and my
admiration of your accomplishments….keep it coming.

With regards to all at SMB,


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