Trader review with Dr. S

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In this video, Dr. Brett Steenbarger conducts a live trader review with a futures trader from our community. Get an inside look at a real coaching/mentoring session at SMB Futures. See what a great weekly review process includes. Understand the importance of process goals for focused improvement

Trade Review: Long Gold

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In this video I share my thought process on why I opened a GLD long trade. If you are interested in watching and learning about these trades in real time check out a Trader90 trial which includes all of our trading tools.   Steven Spencer is the co-founder of SMB Capital and SMB University which provides trading education in stocks, options, … Read More

Lessons from an annual trade review

smbcapitalFree Daily Trading Video

Elite traders are always engaged in a process of self analysis in a continuous improvement process. A trader on SMB’s options trading desk recently discussed an annual review that he conducted of his own trading. In this video Seth Freudberg discusses the insights shared by that trader which should be helpful for all options traders.

Trade Review: Buying SPY & IWM pull backs

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Thursday March 10th was a day many traders had circled on their calendars. Often the greatest short term trading opportunities will occur on days where major economic news is announced. The monthly jobs number, quarterly GDP, FED rate decisions and ECB monetary policy fall into this category. Thursday the ECB was set to announce what steps it was planning to … Read More

30 trading habits in 30 days – Journal

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When I interview an experienced trader for our firm a central question is: what is your review process? I was at lunch yesterday with a firm trader, who wanted to chat about his recent underperformance.  Over an apple salad covered with blackened chicken, the trader discussed his waning confidence. I asked, “What is something you used to do in the … Read More

How a Real Trader Uses SMB TOOLS

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As a subscriber to SMB real time, I found the tools in this package to be an important part of my trading preparation and day. Selecting stocks very in play use to take so much effort, the scanner has cut that time by 75% and eliminates researching the essentials such as volume, ATR, % float short…all that is on the … Read More

Lesson 5: Review and Tweak

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Continuing the series “7 Lessons I’ve Learned”, we come to Lesson 5: Your Path To True Mastery Will Require Extensive Reviewing and Tweaking.  In order to be the best, you need to constantly review your performance and look for improvements that you can make. Typically, these will be a series of small, incremental steps and changes—“tweaks”—rather than sweeping, wholesale changes. … Read More