Our interesting times of Risk

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Prop traders are the truest of entrepreneurs. We eat what we kill. We do not have clients. We do not sell anything or organize to sell something to someone else. No one in 13 years of trading has ever called or emailed or IMd my desk with a trading tip. Our pay is based solely on our trading skill and not gaining information that others do not have.

The President is going to give a speech next week about his plan to help create more jobs. There is a big Republican debate the day before where all candidates will be judged on their ideas for job growth. Lots are out there just nervous as heck about their future, our economy, and their financial stability. Should the government be more focused on cutting our deficit and national debt? Should we follow a Keynesian approach to decrease unemployment by increasing government spending through projects to rebuild our infrastructure (invest in America)? Our government is so divided we cannot even agree on a date for the President to address Congress. And you sit there wondering if you should continue trading. And you sit there wondering if you should start as a trader.

Today is the age when it is so cheap to start a new company. SMB can touch anyone in the world through a blog post, more with a Tweet, still more on FaceBook. Though small business credit is laughably low even for businesses who have never missed a payment and with real income this is still our best time to start a business. Without a huge expenditure, if you are the best at something, anything, you will find a global audience who will pay for your skill.

I just got off the phone with Seth Fredberg who runs our SMB Options Training program. He is adding some awesome new trading set ups from top options earners to his training which I am overly bullish about. Seth was relaying an enjoyable conversation he had about an interested student who used to play professional football and block for Joe Montana. In this day of increased financial worry you can just see how his program will explode (besides it being awesome). For his training program:
1) you can stay in your job
2) you can work to supplement your income
3) you can find out how good of a trader you can become
4) you can take a great deal of risk off the table

The Big Banks are going to announce further layoffs soon so goes the wisper on the Street. Our housing crisis is no where near the bottom so said some new persausive analysis from yesterday. There is no new sector to lift all boats (well there is, social media, but it is still too small a part of our economy). But what there is is opportunity. For those willing to take risk there has never been more opportunity. And this is true for trading.

It has never been easier to trade. It has never been easier to receive quality trader training. More firms are offering more products which offers more opportunity. Recently we had an earthquake trading opportunity. A Buffet opportunity. A GS opportunity. And on and on. The global world breeds more risk but much more trading opportunity.

Trading is not a game for those who lack a plan B. But in this time where too many are sitting around waiting for someone to fix their future there is more opportunity for the skilled. If you cannot handle risk never consider trading please. But for those of us who like making our future, who enjoy managing risk, these are very interesting times.

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