Bella Interview on Blog Talk Radio

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Listen to this trading interview with Bella on Blog Talk Radio hosted by Aleksander Danilov of by clicking this link here. Bella discusses: 1) Why he wrote The PlayBook 2) Process: How The PlayBook and the SMBU Performance Center powered by Tradervue helps traders develop a process where they can build from their strengths. 3) Following like-mind traders on … Read More

Tadas Viskanta of Abnormal Returns TV Talks Trading with Bella

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Yesterday, Mike Bellafiore, author of One good Trade: Inside the Highly Competitive World of Proprietary Trading appeared on Tadas Viskanta’s Abnormal Returns show featured on StockTwitsTV to discuss Bella’s new book and Market Stories. Watch the clip below and feel free to leave your comments on this blog. Abnormal Returns appears on StockTwits TV every Thursday at 8pm EST so … Read More

Bella Talks Prop Trading on

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Mike Bellafiore, author of One Good Trade: Inside the Highly Competitive World of Proprietary Trading, joins Tim Bourquin of to discuss his experiences starting SMB Capital and watching other traders succeed and fail. Tim and Mike also talk about how to become a consistently profitable trader. Listen to the interview here. .


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Jim Gobetz, Managing Partner at Wallingford Trust, couldn’t trade a more different style than me.   He is a longer-term fundamental trader.  I am a short-term, active, intraday trader. Jim subscribes to just about every news and research source you could imagine.  I subscribe to   Oh and also ESPN Insider. @aiki14 makes decisions on his positions based on … Read More