Live Example of How to Find the Best Trading Opportunities Each Day

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Each day our firm broadcasts an AM meeting to cover the best opportunities that we see in the market.

This meeting occurs in the minutes prior to the opening bell. What you don’t see in this meeting are the countless hours of preparation from earlier that morning and the night before. The traders at our firm work tirelessly each day to compile ideas before the market opens.

These ideas are shared and discussed in house before Steve sits down to broadcast.

The countless hours of work by our top traders are boiled down and analyzed live so that our subscribers can be ready for the trading day.

In this video, you can see an example of Steve’s analysis.

In less than two minutes, you see a blank chart turn into a story about the tendency of the stock, how the fundamentals impact these tenancies, what the long term pattern is, and which short term levels offer the best risk vs. reward.

How did AMBA play out?

The entry price was hit within 4 minutes after the market opened and the target profit was hit (over 3% higher) 9 minutes later.

And all this happened while the SPY was trading in a 36 cent range.

Our firm is on the hunt for the best opportunities in the market and we openly share these ideas with our subscribers.

Will you be ready to take advantage of tomorrow’s best setups?

Join Trader90 today so you can be prepared for tomorrow’s best setups.


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