Live Example of How to Find the Best Trading Opportunities Each Day

Each day our firm broadcasts an AM meeting to cover the best opportunities that we see in the market. This meeting occurs in the minutes prior to the opening bell. What you don’t see in this meeting are the countless hours of preparation from earlier that morning and the night before. The traders at our firm work tirelessly each day … Read More

Don’t get burned by the market

Yesterday after an aborted MRI on my back I hit the office to review some of the work on our desk.  One of the steadiest of trainees had a miserable trading day.  I am not sure I can remember such a day of red from this new trader.  In his daily review he wrote: Today is probably the worst I … Read More

Why the market didn’t roar this week

Wednesday after the Close we brought our traders into our training room and started talking about a game plan above SPY 134.  A profitable trader is first a prepared trader.  The market was consolidating close to this level.  Above and the market might run. Towards the conclusion of our meeting I asked all of our traders to send to each … Read More

You are trading patterns not opinions

I was hanging inside my office working on a new business idea for retail traders when the email below hit my inbox.  I spent some time showing our new traders how you trade P in Real-Time, which was the catalyst for this ping.  After P failed to hold 23 and then for the first time all AM held the offer … Read More

Should this trader quit?

I received this email recently: Hello.  This is a retail level trader with almost 3 years of trading experience in s&p mini futures.  During those grueling 3 years, I’ve suffered nearly 25k in losses, most during the 2008 crash where emotions got the best of me.  Since then, I have learned the importance of risk management and now I am at a point where … Read More

Traders Ask- the loss limit, resilience, and confusion

Hi Bella — I’ve been reading your book carefully and enjoying it very much. I live in Las Vegas; and would much rather trade stocks than play in the casinos. I’ve been an occasional end-of-day trader for over 10 years. Now, since last October, I’ve been endeavoring to teach myself how to day-trade. So far, I think your book is … Read More