Attack Your Trading Challenges Like a Navy Seal

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Trading offers us so much opportunity for I can’t. Or this is too hard. Many thirst to be a consistently profitable trader but never build the skills to do so. It all starts with you. With your attitude. With your skill to build your trading mindset. So we want to get better. How do we do this? How do we approach our challenges?


Let’s take some advice from a former Navy Seal, Mack Machowicz in Unleash the Warrior Within:

From nuclear warfare to hand-to-hand combat, there is only one guiding strategy: targets, weapons, movement. If you know what your target is, that will dictate which weapon you use. Nice you have your weapon, the weapon will dictate how you move it.

So let’s say our problem is holding winners properly. Now we have a target. Our complete focus is eliminating this target.  What weapons can we acquire to help us destroy this target? We can journal, do visualization exercises, find a great mentor, read The Psychology of Trading, think about our best set ups to hold, talk with our peers, etc. Then we let these weapons dictate our movement. After months of the above we will have built the skill to hold our winners properly.

Instead of thinking getting better is too hard. Or that where you are now as a trader is where you have to be later. Seek a solution-based mindset like Mack offers. You can spend your days improving or wasting time in the useless state of doubting your ability. It’s your choice.

Mike Bellafiore

Author, One Good Trade

One Comment on “Attack Your Trading Challenges Like a Navy Seal”

  1. Amen brother! Thats a great point… launch a full scale assault on your weakness and make it your strength. We should not be held hostage by self doubt.

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