This is What a Successful Trader Looks Like


I applied yesterday for a  spot in SMB Capital’s team. My resume is poor. I’m trying to increase my chances.

This was my yesterday trades.

First was TDC. I waited for the reversal and based on the Tape I’ve spotted buyers stepping up the bids. So i add a small size, initiating my long position. The tape continues to look strong so I add more, soon i got my stop hit. Didn’t reenter because i was reading the tape in VRX for my next trade.

I trade extremely small size, but i focus on the game. Percentage and cents is what i consider important, my main interest is to become better everyday. Capital, environment  and technology are slowing my learning process’s, this is why i aspire to become a trader at SMB. I have 73 trading sessions, playing at least 3 trades a day and since March my stats improved a lot. I was able to close 4 positive weeks consecutively with small gains( total +29% for the month).

I would be grateful if you would take in consideration my application form.


We will be writing more in the coming weeks about our move to Midtown NYC and trading through a hedge fund.  There are 66 seats for our prop desk in Manhattan to use our powerful proprietary technology, gain access to our quants, and be fully backed by the firm.  It is a very competitive process.

The trader above is not ready for us to consider for the fund.  It is not that he cannot be good enough.  It is not we do not like him.  In fact, I love this guy.  I love the way he works.  What a wonderful example for developing traders.  Oh man, be like this guy.  And I know when we announce our newest fund offering to traders that many will not qualify.  But we will be watching many to see if they can do it, are improving and heading in the right direction.  And we will be impressed when a trader does work like the above.

One of my favorite quotes from legendary coach John Wooden (link to TED talk) goes like this:

Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.

The trader above seems to be doing everything he can to be his best.  He is a success.  He does not need me or my firm or a firm like mine to validate this.  If you are doing the work, no matter what the field, to learn how good you can be, then be proud.  You, my friend, are a success.  And you have gained our ultimate respect.

You can be better tomorrow than you are today!

Mike Bellafiore

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