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The 9-Step Plan to Trading a 7-Figure Options Account

Jan 3rd, 2017 | By | Category: SMB Options
Tomorrow is the first Options Strategy Workshop for 2017! Do you have the goal of becoming a more consistently profitable trader this year? If so, you should attend tomorrow's workshop where Andrew Falde will be sharing "The 9-Step Plan to Trading a 7-Figure Options Account" Andrew is a professional money manager, one of SMB's top performing options desk traders, the P/L winner of the 2016 Options Tribe trading competition, and #1 ranked options trader on FundSeeder. Your particpation in the Options Strategy Workshop includes: Two live meetings each month Full time Slack Room for Q&A Access to all previous workshop Read more [...]

The SMB Trader Community Survey

Nov 14th, 2016 | By | Category: General Comments
We're excited to offer to you a unique survey opportunity. You see, most surveys are designed to collect information from you. This survey is designed to provide valuable insights to you! Here's how... after you participate in the Trader Community Survey, you will receive a copy of all the collected responses to the first seven questions. Additionally, on December 1, 2016, Mike Bellafiore will teach a free online seminar to share important insights and solutions to overcome the challenges and successfully realize the opportunities that both retail and professional traders face in 2017. During the seminar, Mike will reference Read more [...]

How to Develop a More Reliable Trading System

Nov 9th, 2016 | By | Category: General Comments
In this video, Andrew Falde shares some of the common elements that several professional traders at our firm share when it comes to developing trading models and strategies that continue to work in the real world. * no relevant positions Read more [...]

Trading bigger is much easier than trading with edge

Oct 20th, 2016 | By | Category: General Comments
Trading bigger is much easier than trading with edge. I am working with a developing trader, nearing 15 months of live trading.  He is starting to trade with edge. I am seeing 3/5 days of trading profitably. I am noticing in his reviews a specificity of setups that he is trading.  He is not trading for stocks to finish higher or lower for the day.  He is trading for a stock to trade lower or higher from a given point with specific variables.  This is the essence of short term trading.  He gets it. I am noticing a nice string of $600-700 days, with an occasional 1kplus day. I am noticing this trader trading Read more [...]

Start Your Trading Goals for 2017 Now

Oct 10th, 2016 | By | Category: General Comments
Wait a minute... we've still got another two and a half months until the end of this year, why are we talking about getting ready for next year? The pro traders on our desk are already preparing their goals for 2017. Proper preparation is a never-ending process that requires you to be thinking ahead. Even the top performing traders know how they can improve and they are making plans for the next month, year, and even 5 years out. After 20 years, even Steve Spencer has found no reason to stop looking for ways to improve. So, back to you. How are YOU going to improve in 2017? Do you need to learn better setups? Do you need to Read more [...]

Fall 2016 SMB DNA Applications Now Being Accepted

Oct 6th, 2016 | By | Category: Dna Program
We are very excited to announce that applications are now being taken for the Fall 2016 DNA of Successful Trading! The Spring DNA students gave outstanding feedback and we've implemented some huge improvements that we will be letting you know about over the next few days. The program starts in just a few weeks, so take a minute to apply right now. The DNA of Successful Trading has been the turning point for many traders. We are proud of the success that traders are experiencing and hope you plan to join us this fall. Read more [...]

“Just Tell Me What to Do”

Sep 18th, 2016 | By | Category: Options Education, Systems Development, Systems Trading
Developing traders are sometimes humble (or desperate) enough to make a request for help that sounds something like "just show me", "give me a step by step", "what's an if-then that I can use", etc. The response we provide is usually disappointing. The developing trader wants the answer to begin with "whenever you see this happen, do this...". However, our answers usually repeat a list of principles that matter for each type of trade. “The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson We have programs Read more [...]

Building your trading team

Sep 18th, 2016 | By | Category: General Comments
Performance isn't exclusively about skill and strategy.  In fact, one top coach leaves all of this out of his top three keys to building a team. This is interesting to us as traders, as some of us trade in teams or something like teams, for improved performance. Team Trading is part III of our training for new traders on our desk.  Team trading is present at Hedge Funds and institutional desks but uncommon at prop firms.  Most prop firms employ the mentor/coach infrastructure, with some more successful than others. I am not here to argue which is better, just that we have settled on Team Trading, with great appreciation Read more [...]