Build a Better Options Trading Plan

Andrew FaldeOptions Education

The exercise of building an options trading plan is a very unique breed of business planning.

We’ve found over the years that many options traders have career backgrounds as professionals or business owners. Traders with backgrounds like these often bring some of their old business planning tactics into their options trading plan.

There are pros and cons to this.


  1. You know the value of planning which is true in trading as well
  2. Having experience in creating “SMART” goals carries over to trading


  1. When things don’t go as planned, working “harder” may not make up the difference like it can in other careers. For example, staying late or finding new customers does not apply to trading. You may need to actually do less or make radical changes to your business plan mid-stream.
  2. Many of the characteristics that lead to professional growth do not carry over to trading. Different skills and psychology are required for success at trading.

We believe that developing a trading plan is best done with the guidance of an experienced trader and mentor. Someone who has been through many years of building and updating trading plans is going to help you see challenges and holes in your plan that you won’t see until maybe its too late.

This is such an important part of trading that we want to remove any barrier to you getting the help that you need. That’s why we have this important offer for you.

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