Immerse in a Culture of Success: Experience the Path to 7-Figure Traders

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The best learning experience that you can have as a trader is to sit face-to-face and shoulder-to-shoulder with successful pro traders.

Imagine listening to the words that traders use to describe the setups and live trades they are in. This is how you learn to speak the language of a profitable trader.

Think about seeing the way traders follow their pre-market prep and adapt to new information throughout the day. Watching a team of traders do this day by day will help you model that profitable behavior in your own trading.

You can become more like a pro trader yourself by experiencing a culture that produces consistently profitable traders.

You are invited to spend a week (or longer) at one of our trading stations in NYC that is reserved for students and new hires.

Learn more here and reserve your spot for an experience where you can dramatically improve your trading skills.