Trade your PlayBook for improved consistency

I received this email from a trader: Hi Mike, Terrific piece yesterday on trader development. You have a wonderful way of clarifying things. Step 1. Build your playbook of trading ideas   Step 2. Become consistent trading these plays. I have come across the word “consistent” more and more frequently but have never fully grasped just how important it is. Dr. … Read More

5 trading lessons from monthly reviews

At the end of each month, firm traders are encouraged to complete a monthly review of their trading.  While reading firm reviews for April, 5 lessons stood out.  Let’s discuss them. 1.Don’t turn bad days into worse One developing trader is working on limiting losses on his bad days.  The thought is every extra dollar not lost on his bad … Read More

SMB meeting traders in Chicago

A quick note to share that I will be in Chicago Monday April 11 and 12 meeting traders.  Our firm backs discretionary and automated traders, offering proprietary technology and assuming all capital trading risk.  We trade stocks, options, futures and automated trading.  SMB, in its JV with Kershner Trading Group, also teaches traders from scratch to consistently profitable, who fit … Read More

Profitable Discretionary Traders Should Trade on Proprietary Trading Platforms

Bella, I have a question regarding last Tuesday’s session on October 8. I don’t attend Tuesday’s sessions live due to me being tired and the time zone difference. Anyway my question is: You mentioned that traders should seek other than off the shelf platforms in order for them to make more than they consistently do, assuming that they are doing … Read More

SMB Capital and Kershner Trading Group Announce Joint Venture

April 24, 2013, NEW YORK, NY—SMB Capital, a leading proprietary trading desk based in Manhattan, and Kershner Trading Group (Austin, Texas and now New York City), have teamed up to create a joint venture for a new trading office in Midtown Manhattan. The JV offers traders a true trading partner, where the firm provides technology with an edge, large trading … Read More

A Note to Traders on the Absence of Liquidity

SMB Traders, The last two trading days have been the worst liquidity I have ever seen. Obviously the huffiness on the desk is high. IMO is should be. I have not been this mad on a desk in three years myself trading this ridiculous market. The market is broken. And some of these moves are absurd. Having said that GMan was still … Read More

Traders Ask: What is a Competitive Trader?

Question: I hear a lot about the value of a competitiveness in trading success. Analogies are made with the striving for peak performance seen in athletes and entrepreneurs. One thing about this puzzles me, and I’d appreciate the thoughts of others with more experience and success. When I trade I am trying to get better: to make good trades and, … Read More