What it Takes to Go Live at Our Firm

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SMB receives approximately 5,000 applications each year to trade for the firm. As you can imagine, it’s nearly a full time job to sort through 400+ new applications each month.

Of the thousands that apply each year, the net acquisition of new traders that go live with the firm is less than 50. That’s right… Less than 1% of applicants make it on our desk.

The overwhelming demand to be a part of our desk is a direct reflection on the environment and culture we have developed.

This is a culture developed around having a growth mindset.

We believe that sharing ideas and reviewing our trades as a team helps everyone get better.

What does that mean for you?

Even though we don’t hire many traders… We feel strongly that you have a much better chance of improving your trading game if you were to be exposed to a cooperative environment like ours. And through the magic of technology, our environment is now available to you.

This mindset of sharing and cooperation is far different than the perception that many have about the proprietary trading world. We don’t use gimmicks, insider information, or top secret algorithms. Our traders work hard to find great opportunities with an excellent risk vs. reward. And we want to share that information with you.

Maybe it’s time for you to upgrade from the free blogs, news media, and social media that stop short of a full trade plan… or worse, provide no real time accountability for taking the trades they talk about.

If you’re ready for ideas and feedback from real traders that represent the top 1% of traders we come across… Then SMB Trader90 is for you.

With Trader90, you can apply the benefits of the prop firm experience to your personal trading. Here’s how:

Trader90 is a 3-month membership that gives you access to the tools, group mentoring, and live positions of our top traders.

Not only do you get to observe — but as a member of Trader90, you have the opportunity to participate and get feedback from our traders.

To get the most out of Trader90, we highly recommended that you meet the following criteria:

  1. You share our growth mindset.
  2. Have at least one year of trading experience.
  3. You are open to feedback and constructive criticism.

We’ve opened up our world so that you can take a virtual seat at our desk. You will hear live commentary and chatter from our top traders. You’ll see and hear notifications when their positions change, and watch group mentoring sessions live. And you can participate in the chat and forum to get feedback on your trades.

If you immerse yourself in our world for 90 days, you will come out better on the other side.


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