Competition at a prop firm fuels increased PnL

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People often ask ne the value of trading at a prop firm. ¬†And there are many value adds that a prop firm brings to a trader, but I want to focus on one powerful performance driver. Competition! When SMB first formed a JV with the Kershner Trading Group our younger traders were in awe at the PnL numbers of the … Read More

A test of conscience at a trading firm

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Hi Mike, I was part of the first edition of SMB DNA and I am a consistently profitable trader now. I just read your article about the low float reversal trade. It is also a favorite trade of mine. The difficulty I sometimes have with these plays is to get borrows to short the stock. (I have one IB account … Read More

A Look Inside a Proprietary Trading Firm

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In our SMBU Daily Video, learn the ins and outs of a proprietary trading firm. In this interview with David Rabello and Mike Bellafiore, you will learn: What we look for in new traders Our interview process Mike’s goals for new traders What risks prop firms take on How the prop model works The relationship between the trader and firm … Read More

What it Takes to Go Live at Our Firm

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SMB receives approximately 5,000 applications each year to trade for the firm. As you can imagine, it’s nearly a full time job to sort through 400+ new applications each month. Of the thousands that apply each year, the net acquisition of new traders that go live with the firm is less than 50. That’s right… Less than 1% of applicants … Read More