From SMB Intern to Consistently Profitable Prop Trader (Live from Stony Brook U)

@SperoTrades presents his journey from SMB Intern, to struggling trader, to thinking of quitting, to Consistently Profitable Trader.  He does this all live from his former investment club at Stony Brook U.  Not too long ago, Justin sat in the same seats as these college students listening to prop firm co-founder (me) teach the career of prop trader.  Now here … Read More

SMB Seeking Senior Futures Traders

Are you a profitable futures trader? Looking for the next level in your career? Let’s talk! SMB Futures is currently looking for the following: Position: Senior Futures Trader Qualifications: Experienced traders with a proven track record of profitability of at least 2 years making $250k/year or more. We are looking for talented traders who are self-motivated and willing to adhere … Read More

How to Buy a Stock that Already Went Up 20% in 4 Days

Early today we posted the awesome setup in AMBA. Here’s another trade that Steve Spencer talked about before the market opened. ACAD has been a high flyer lately. Many developing traders run into a psychological barrier when it comes to long ideas on stocks that have already risen 20% in a few days. Here was Steve’s take pre-market End result… … Read More

What it Takes to Go Live at Our Firm

SMB receives approximately 5,000 applications each year to trade for the firm. As you can imagine, it’s nearly a full time job to sort through 400+ new applications each month. Of the thousands that apply each year, the net acquisition of new traders that go live with the firm is less than 50. That’s right… Less than 1% of applicants … Read More

How I would have started my prop firm differently

Mike, Firstly, I just wanted to thank you from the outset for your ongoing work and contribution to the trading community. I have read your book, I read your posts daily and I admire greatly the philosophy of your firm SMB Capital. Your firm really is the pioneer of trading education and skill development for prop traders.  I hope you realize … Read More