Weekend learning lessons from our prop desk to grow your trading

“Grow or die.”

Phil Knight- Co-Founder of Nike

As we start the new year, developing good habits is essential to improving your trading performance this year.  One excellent habit to develop is working on your trading game on the weekend.  Here we try and help you with that with trading education and ideas to improve for  you below.  We try and share what is working best on our trading desk in NYC to help you improve.

What I did better as a trading coach/mentor in 2018 that may help you improve your trading

A sneak peek from our trading desk coaching a trader to make better trades

How to catch a market bounce

How to trade a Fed announcement

Brian Shannon, @alphatrends, visits to teach using a key technical indicator- VWAP

Train and trade well.

Mike Bellafiore is the Co-Founder of SMB Capital, a proprietary trading desk in Midtown, Manhattan, and SMB Training, which provides trader education in equities, options, and futures to traders around the world.

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