To improve your trading results first do this

Bella: Put up 15k in Jan and there will be a special surprise for you 🙂

Trainee: I am trying to do that half way through the month…I’ve hit that before in 6 days and that is months ago. I didn’t get a chance to do the review today will get to it Tomorrow. Have a doctors appt and got caught up trading rimm and talking to my mentees. Overall today was solid I fought stocks and had a few pnl swings which only gave me confidence. To fix my issue of having those holds with size what I did over the last 2 days was treat 500 shares like it was 2000. And today I caught more half point moves then I usually do. So, I now know I am ready to make that big step that I have been so wanting to finally do.

Bella: IMO you will more easily make that next step if you review your work like a To and Sharkalicious. Adding some structure to your review and preparation is all you really need. This will brand the best plays for you in your trading head. Ensure you are best prepared for your best trades. Prepare your brain to be ready for your best set ups. I see the first step being adding some structure and then those better results a following.

One Good Trade

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