This 5k loss was my best trade of the month (video)

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Hey Mike,
Just curious if you have an example of a losing trade you had recently, and if you still considered it a good trade?
Jonathan A.


This is a great question! 

When I watch the Financial Media Entertainment Complex talking trading/investing I smh.  Who are those people on TV so certain their call in $AAPL is correct?  What market is that guy trading with the beautiful tan, teeth and hair that he KNOWS the market ($SPY, $IWM, $QQQ) is about to correct? 

The truth is even the best traders/investors can thrive with win rates barely north of 50 percent.  So that means a whole lot of being wrong.  That means a whole lot of very good trades that just do not work out.  The key is to control your risk with all of your trades so a month/year of many unprofitable trades/investments can still be profitable. 

I made one last month in a low float name- $VLTC.  I consider it my best trade of the month.  I took a loss of close to 5k on the trade.  It was One Good Trade as I defined in One Good Trade.   

Our desk recaps this trade in video below.  I hope this gives you insight into the world I have lived over the past 18 years.  We are wrong.  We are wrong a lot.   And we can still do very well.  

Our job is not to make money.  Our job is NOT to be right.  Our job is to make excellent risk/reward trades- One Good Trade.

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