The Future of Trader Education

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Today we have launched SMB Options Training!

SMB is actively teaming with awesome educators/traders in the options space, technical analysis, and swing trading.  No one will be added to our team who is not actively trading.  No trading program ever will be developed that does not incorporate our core teaching beliefs of training traders like elite performers.

SMB Training will be the place where new and developing traders go to build their trading foundation for ANY trading product (not just equities).  Full length training programs are being developed to give the new and developing trader the best chance to build their trading foundation.  These will not be five day courses or weekend seminars.  This is serious training for future professional traders.

SMB Training will use the principles of elite performance for all of these products.  To become great at anything requires the accumulation of domain knowledge, intrinsic motivation, critical feedback (mentoring), and purposeful practice.  Our training programs are not just recorded lectures of us talking at you.  Yes we have packed our training with everything you need to know about a trading product, but then mentorship, and practice drills are added so you turn knowledge into skill.  You cannot just watch someone or read something and become skilled in that trading technique.   Too much of today’s training is only that. You must combine knowledge with effort, then mentorship, then topped with concerted practice.  This is the path to successful trading.  Anything less and you are being cheated of your best chance to succeed as a trader.

The SMB Foundation has been the gold standard in equities training for the past several years.   I say this factually- no one is even close.  I have written in the past about insufficient trader training.  A two day seminar might be fun but not enough to become skilled at a trading technique.  Today’s markets are difficult.  Today’s training must adapt to these new markets using cutting edge technology and elite training principles to gift the new and developing trader the training required to compete.   After you build your foundation you will direct your trading career with the set ups and products that make the most sense to you.

Mike Bellafiore

Author, One Good Trade

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  1. Mike
    This is a great post and clearly illustrates how SMB are leading elite trading performance. All your points make sense- trading is not easy and it needs concerted practice, training and mentorship. Traders should step up in the same way elite athletes do. 

    I work for a Prop trading firm in Australia and NONE of this is emphasized or carried out. It is a travesty. I hope to one day lead an effort here in Asia to build on this education which is integral to performance.

    Keep up your energy and work as ever. 

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