Mike Bellafiore Goes to Singapore as a Phillip iFest Mentor

Well-renowned trader and author, Mike Bellafiore, will be in Singapore for one weekend only to share his trading methods at the Phillip Investment Festival (iFest) 2013. Bellafiore is the author of the “trading classic” One Good Trade, and co-founder of SMB Capital, a proprietary trading firm in New York City. Bellafiore is also the co-founder of SMBU, an educational company that … Read More

Trading Is All Psychology

The following news was released after the market closed. 16:31:20 FDA Panel Votes 20-2 In Favor of Approval For Vivus’ QnexaVivus, Inc. (NASDAQ: VVUS) received excellent news on Wednesday as an FDA advisory panel has voted 20-2 in favor of approving the company’s weight-loss drug Qnexa. The panel’s decision is non-binding, but it is highly likely that the FDA will follow … Read More

Some Help for the Impatient Trader

Greetings from Singapore. Today is my last day here in the new gateway to Asia. I have a day packed full of some more learning meetings and then take a 2:30 AM flight to Johannesburg, South Africa. I arrive in JNB, will shower and then head to meet some top South African traders. I have been tasked to talk about improving … Read More

Am I Trading Well?

One of the ways I evaluate my trading is by checking to see if I got back in a stock after being stopped out. As a pro trader I think risk first and profit second. Many times I will be stopped out of a position that trades through my stop price only to see it later reach my ultimate profit … Read More

Trader Denial or a Good Time to Take a Break

I asked Dr. Andrew Menaker, trading psychologist, the following question: You have a trader, a very good trader, who struggles to start December. He writes you an email saying this market is garbage and his taking an extended leave. What is your response to such a trader? Dr. Menaker responded: While it’s true that market conditions do change, it’s also … Read More

The Overanxious Trader

I was reviewing a monthly review from a mentee, Shark (sometimes Shark Daddy or Sharkalicious or Shark Shack), that I thought could use the thoughts of Dr. Menaker, trading psychologist. Shark wrote: Too excited on days I want to do well. I force too much. I had such high expectations for myself coming into earnings season that I started to force … Read More

Three Ways To Overcome Your Fear From Past Trades

Traders are a skittish bunch. We can make the same trade a hundred times, but the one time a left-field event occurs, it can spook us forever. The other night, I let the dog outside before bedtime. He’s a seven-year-old Boston Terrier, so I’ve done that literally a couple thousand times. This time, however, he returned to the porch with … Read More