An age-old trading problem to solve

There is a trading problem traders sought to solve when I started trading. (We don’t have to mention when that was if that is okay with you). There is a trading problem new traders needed to solve when we started our firm in 2005. There is a trading problem some new traders on our desk need to solve today. In … Read More

Timeless Advice for New Traders…Scalp!

My timeless trading advice for new traders is….scalp.  Okay, let me explain why. What I heard too often  During a recent team monthly trader meeting, I heard too often something that I wasn’t crazy about.  I was particularly not so thrilled hearing it from the younger traders.  While I wasn’t so thrilled, this did offer an opportunity to set expectations … Read More

Trading Psychology: How to Handle FOMO (Dr. Steenbarger)

Do you feel that FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is crushing your trading PnL? That if you could just get a handle on FOMO you could become the trader you deserve to be. That FOMO is keeping you from a career as a trader and all of the rewards that come with it. Dr. Steenbarger presents in the video below, … Read More

What is the optimal mindset to be in while trading? (Trading Psychology)

What is the optimal mindset to be in while trading? I posed this question to the trading community and you can see many savvy responses to this essential question here.  If you do not get this part right, then you will never reach your trading potential.  This might keep you from moving from losing money to becoming a Consistently Profitable … Read More

Why not YOU? Why not you TODAY?

My son and I have been watching the Yankees playoff games fanatically.  And we have started our only little inside cheer.  This cheer is similar in words and in spirit to what I often cheer to our promising new and junior traders. This inside cheer started during the regular season.  It started with us rooting for unproven players. You might … Read More

Weekend trading lessons from the prop desk – December 7, 2019

The very next thing you must do after a profitable trade (that few traders actually do) Options strategies for regular income: He won this trade through smart analysis & options knowledge Should you chase a stock? (The answer may surprise you) 3 simple ideas to dramatically improve your trading results (from the work of elite traders) Top trader Shark on … Read More

Weekend learning lessons for traders from the prop desk – November 23, 2019

How to handle those miserable trading slumps and large losses (Top Senior Prop Trader teaches you) You can try this surprisingly simple Options Trading strategy for monthly income 6 steps to improving your trading patience and discipline 20 habits to become a highly profitable trader AM Meeting: How to prepare to trade the open Trading Psychology: Every elite trader has … Read More