4 Simple Solutions So You Do Not Miss Your A+ Trades

Do you ever feel like if I you could just take my best trades, we say A+ trades, my results would be a lot better?  I am talking a lot better.  You are probably right.  Let me share a recent anecdote about this from the desk and offer 4 simple solutions. A few traders on the desk had been missing … Read More

Thank you Covid!

I got Covid for the first time this week.  Many on the desk didn’t miss their opportunity to tease me about being the last person on earth to get it.  My son got it as well.  That meant a trip to our house on the Jersey Shore to isolate from mom, his sister, and others.  So it was just the … Read More

The #1 trading goal for a top prop trader (Consistency!)

  One of our top traders, perhaps our best, sent us his yearly goals.  I highly await this trader’s goals each year as he often recognizes the most important goal for the upcoming year.  We will reveal the #1 goal for a top trader at SMB in 2023 in this post. Choosing the wrong goal for 2023 can cause underperformance.  … Read More

Taking a Rip in Tesla

We shared that we have been hawking a potential Bounce Trade in Tesla.  I spelled out Four Keys for a Tesla Bounce Trade.  Some on the desk pounced on a Bounce Trade in Tesla after SEEING it.  They took rips as the trade failed.  Let’s discuss an important reality to being a professional trader. Taking losses is part of the … Read More

Four keys for a Tesla Bounce Trade

Many trading eyes are waiting for a $TSLA bounce.  Let me share four keys (not all of them) to trade this opportunity well as an active trader. Sensing too many traders were positioning for a bounce *too early*, I shared this tweet with the trading community: My goal was to remind traders they needed to be specific about the Bounce … Read More

Team Good2Gr8! at SMB

At SMB we identified an important goal for 2023.  That goal is to help *good* traders become *great*.  We call it Team Good2Gr8!.  The goal is raise the floor on our good traders to improve these traders and the firm.  One exciting new best practice has come from Team Good2Gr8! that could help your trading. @TheOneLanceB, Legend, is assisting in … Read More

9 Trading Lessons Essential for Today’s Market

1. Develop your system to short circuit trades that do not feel right. What you certainly DO NOT want to do is short circuit a trade based on your feel before developing your system to do so.  That could lead you to prematurely exiting a good r/r trade. 2. Do your Daily Report Card without fail. Watch: How the Daily … Read More

10 Key Takeaways from March Trading (from the Prop Desk)

1. Gchat an accountability partner to help you trade bigger. One junior trader had a breakout month in March.  During his Team monthly review, this junior trader attributed the below as a big reason for this success:  During the 5-6 biggest opportunities of the month, he sent a Gchat to an accountability partner, outlined why the opportunity was worthy of … Read More