SMB at TradersExpo NYC- Feb 25-27

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I will be presenting at the TradersExpo in NYC, which you can attend from Feb 25-27. I will be presenting on a panel spearheaded by my friend John Netto- Profiting in the New Market Ecosystem. I will also be presenting: Two Trades Working Best in Current Market Conditions. We offer a unique perspective to those who attend.  We are a … Read More

8 lessons from the prop desk (The 2017 TradersExpo NYC)

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At the 2017 TradersExpo in NYC, I shared 8 lessons from our prop desk.  As a partner at a prop trading firm in NYC, I have the privilege of watching many traders grow from new to consistently profitable trader to high performing trader to even better.  I see how they succeed and why.  I share their obstacles and together we … Read More

Unlocking Trading Success: The Formula for Profitable Trades

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Yesterday I presented at the TradersExpo in NYC: A study of 5 successful traders from our desk. (Above is a picture of me, chatting with traders after my talk.)  It’s important to study traders who have succeeded and learn from them as a trader and firm.  The successful traders provide inspiration for those striving and best practices to copy. We … Read More

SMB will be presenting at the Traders Expo New York

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Mike Bellafiore will be speaking at the TradersExpo Tuesday, February 23, 2016, 2:30pm-3:30pm at the Marriot Marquis Hotel in New York City. His Topic: A Study of 5 Successful Professional Traders During this discussion you will learn: • How 5 of the best traders at SMB went from zero to High Performing Trader • The 5 best practices that made … Read More