Unveiling Trading Wisdom: 21 Key Takeaways from Dr. Steenbarger’s Master Class

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This Sunday I had the privilege of taking Dr. Steenbarger’s Master Class, trading coach and author, at The TradersExpo NYC.  It was four hours jam-packed with learning.  The Master Class was truly exceptional!

Many have reached out to my inbox and asked for me to share my notes with you.  I will do so here.

  1. To become a distinct trader you must leverage your personality and cognitive strengths.
  2. Distinctive traders possess distinctive strengths.
  3. Conscientiousness and resilience build success.
  4. Openness to experience sustains success.
  5. The largest players use factors to make trade decisions.
  6. The successful trader finds more than one way to win.
  7. Openness to experience correlates with increased creativity.
  8. Study, study, study your successes.
  9. The four pillars for success are: happiness, energy, affection and fulfillment.
  10. Willpower is a limited resource.  But it is renewable.
  11. Embrace failure as a means to success.
  12. You are here to make money as a trader, not express your political views.
  13. The successful trader studies himself as much as their trading.
  14. To diagnose your trading underperformance consider whether recent problems are interfering, or past problems are interfering, or whether your strategy is not working.
  15. Every frustration has a trigger.
  16. Dr. Steenbarger surrounds his trading screens with pictures important to him to remind him no matter the result of any trade, he still has a good life.
  17. Constantly keep score of your trading results.
  18. Most identify an issue in their journal, but do not take the next necessary step to develop a solution-based goal to improve.
  19. Intuition is rapid pattern recognition in real-time that some traders many not be able to verbalize.
  20. Watch Jiro Dreams of Sushi
  21. Read The Checklist Manifesto, Atul Gawande

Tomorrow I will discuss four ideas to help traders improve that were inspired by this Master Class.

Kudos to The TradersExpo NYC for such a tremendous learning experience with Dr. Steenbarger.

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