Why not YOU? Why not you TODAY?

My son and I have been watching the Yankees playoff games fanatically.  And we have started our only little inside cheer.  This cheer is similar in words and in spirit to what I often cheer to our promising new and junior traders. This inside cheer started during the regular season.  It started with us rooting for unproven players. You might … Read More

Weekend trading lessons from the prop desk

How to Become a Big Money Trader (Changing Fundamentals Trade- $MYL) When Catalysts Matter Simple Options Strategy that Made 500% while the Market Lost 4% Your Best Trades Can Come After a Losing Trade- A Trade Example in $LYFT How this Retail Trader Started Making 7-Figures *no relevant positions  

21 key takeaways from Dr. Steenbarger’s Master Class

This Sunday I had the privilege of taking Dr. Steenbarger’s Master Class, trading coach and author, at The TradersExpo NYC.  It was four hours jam-packed with learning.  The Master Class was truly exceptional! Many have reached out to my inbox and asked for me to share my notes with you.  I will do so here. To become a distinct trader you must … Read More

You cannot do this and be a successful trader

Last Friday as I was walking off our trading floor, a beaming SMBU student yelped at me, “Bella I could hug you after today.”  He was very pleased with the progress he had made as a trader. Fast forward to today and that same trader caught me hitting the elevator for my walk home.  I asked him how trading went … Read More

Trader Disney Land

Hey Mike, I recently blew my profits gain from the past 3 months in one stubborn trade. And not I dare not go in again as I fear I could be wrong again and lost money. My system was right but my emotions was burnt. This is not the first time I lost a trade but somehow I couldn’t pick … Read More

World’s Leading Traders Speak 4 Earthquake Victims

Tuesday, July 12th 2011 For the past two months, the world’s leading traders came together for a live charity event to help victims of the New Zealand and Japan earthquake. All these webinars have been archived and are available to be viewed for those who could not attend. There is so much awesome trading content here!  Also, SMB’s Mike Bellafiore, … Read More

Traders Ask: How Do You Get Hired as a Trader?

Hello Mike B. Great book I must say. Very inspiring. Thank you for the quick response. I must ask though since you are the co-founder of SMB what should I do in school (academics to increase my chances of employment at SMB? I know from reading your book that HR pretty much decides if they want to interview an applicant so I have … Read More

From Bad to Great: a Trader’s Steps to Improve Performance

One of our traders went from flagged for underperformance, to Most Improved, to one of our better traders. How did he do this?   Hey Bella, One of the things that has really helped me has been going back and studying the charts of all of my winning trades and finding similarities in the chart patterns and taking a more … Read More