A Walk in Boston with 3 Experienced Traders Giving Back

Let me share a video jam-packed with trading advice and wisdom for developing and experienced traders.  Three experienced traders are interviewed for this video, who have experience both as professional traders, but also mentoring traders.  I make this distinction because the addition of their experience mentoring traders means they have spent significant time thinking of how best to communicate important … Read More

Ten reasons to attend Traders4ACause 2017

SMB will be attending, donating to, and presenting at the 2017 Traders4ACause Charity Event, this October 6-8 in Las Vegas.   Here are ten reasons why you ought to attend: It’s in Las Vegas.   Every dollar goes directly to selected charities.   It is a wonderful networking event for you to meet serious and successful traders. I have attended … Read More

16 trading lessons live from Traders4ACause

This weekend some trading colleagues and I attended Traders4ACause, a charity event in Las Vegas.  The conference is packed with live lessons for traders from traders and raises money for the charities, such as, GiveWell, BCRF, and three square. Here are 16 trading lessons learned live from Las Vegas: 1. BCRF: 50 percent of cancer can be reduced thru lifestyle- … Read More