16 trading lessons live from Traders4ACause

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This weekend some trading colleagues and I attended Traders4ACause, a charity event in Las Vegas.  The conference is packed with live lessons for traders from traders and raises money for the charities, such as, GiveWell, BCRF, and three square.

Here are 16 trading lessons learned live from Las Vegas:

1. BCRF: 50 percent of cancer can be reduced thru lifestyle- smoking and obesity.

2. @OzarkTrades: Phil made the most progress as a trader by reviewing his trades.  Slowly he stopped trading his mediocre trades.  And traded his more profitable trades with more size.

3. @offshorehunters: Improve 1 percent each day over a hundred days and you can see large gains.

4. @InvestorsLive: Pace and expectations are essential for the new trader to succeed.

5. @Modern_Rock: You cannot compete without a professional trading setup.


6. @MonacoTrader:  If you write down your goals you are 65 percent more likely to achieve them.

7. @lx21: God gave man balls, so he could short huge size.

8. @kroyrunner89: Tim developed a new rule for 2016 after some outsized losses (ex. LAKE, KBIO).  If his position is outside his risk level, he will not add more size under ANY circumstances.

9. Paul Petrillo pinch hitting for Terry Liberman: Go Cubs!  (You had to be there.)

10. @TBohen: The more disciplined you are the more freedom you have. Get stronger.  Get faster.  Get healthier. Get smarter. (Amen! Can you come talk to our firm?)

11. @Kunal00: There is nothing more dangerous than a man with a purpose.

Grateful to Kunal for this post of us:


12. Dr. Robert Maurer: There is no such thing as stress and rejection.  We decide to create them.

*Bonus: The only thing that matters in your life is your relationships with other people (Harvard study).

**WTH was @Steenbab this year?  How can there be a happy hour at Beer Park without him?

13. @QTRResearch: Just get him on air @CNBC.  Articulate, edgy, informative, fearless and massively entertaining.

14. @D4yTrad3: Good judgment comes from experience.  Which comes from bad judgment. (Quote of the conference.)

15. @CarleyGarner: You get incredible leverage trading Futures.  But be careful.

16. @DavelandryTrdr: Trends work less than 30 percent of the time, but pay big.

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