Why traders should attend Traders4ACause

BellaBella Daily Update

SMB traders and I will be at Traders4ACause October 11-13 in Las Vegas.

Here is why you should attend:

  • See real traders present and not just trading educators.  Wouldn’t it be refreshing to attend a trading conference where real traders shared what has helped them succeed?        
  • Take home important trading best practices to start implementing immediately with your trading. Real traders will share them with you at the trading conference. For example, I introduced the importance of implementing a Daily Report Card at a former event.   Also, these Trader Talks by real traders will follow the TED Talks format, so they are concise, entertaining, and focused on one idea to help you improve.  In the past, I have taken pages of notes and brought home powerful ideas for trading improvement.  It has been joked that no one takes more comprehensive notes at the event than me.           
  • Meet other traders to expand your trading network.  I met a trader who became a Senior Intern at our firm from the event.  We hired another trader after meeting him at Traders4ACause.  How cool would be to attend a charity event and leave with an internship or job offer?    
  • Give back and help charities doing important work.  Traders4ACause is proud to trumpet “100% of event proceeds go directly to the charities”.
  • Attend two cocktail parties where you can meet everyone at the conference.  Come and have a drink with us.  Come up and ask me a trading question about an issue that has been holding you back.
  • Play golf, for those who wish to hit the links.    
  • Watch SMB Traders AND I presenting.  
  • Experience live Dr. Steenbarger, the best trading coach we know, presenting actionable ideas to get better.  Pro tip: he’s really good.
  • Did I mention it is in Vegas?

Sign up, give back, and come join us this year in Vegas.

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