Invitation: SMB Trading Summit NYC 2024

BellaBella Daily Update

We are thrilled to invite you to the first SMB Trading Summit that will take place in the heart of NYC on March 23, 2024.   There are so many benefits for you to attend this exceptional gathering of SMB Traders and members of our trading community from around the world.   Too often, we hear independent traders crave the ability to … Read More

SMB at TradersExpo NYC- Feb 25-27

BellaGeneral Comments

I will be presenting at the TradersExpo in NYC, which you can attend from Feb 25-27. I will be presenting on a panel spearheaded by my friend John Netto- Profiting in the New Market Ecosystem. I will also be presenting: Two Trades Working Best in Current Market Conditions. We offer a unique perspective to those who attend.  We are a … Read More