TOTD – Context is Critical

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We hope you learn something as we share trades from our new Futures Desk as a Trade of The Day! Today we’re focused on using Market Profile to frame an awesome contextual view in the ES Futures. Let’s dive in. Context is critical. It allows us to see the circumstances in which intraday trade is developing within! This, again, is critical. We’re going … Read More

TOTD – Try Again!

Merritt BlackFutures TOTD

We’ve gotten great feedback as we share trades from our new Futures Desk as a Trade of The Day! Today we’re back in my realm- that is, using Market Profile! Simple lesson today. Sometimes trades try and work, then fail. BUT…. then they set up again! I like to see my guys stick with their game plans, and refrain from recency bias … Read More

Find great levels in the S&P 500

Merritt BlackFree Daily Trading Video, Futures

This short lesson teaches the concept of using custom-period volume profiles to find great tradable levels. Apply this to your trading on your higher timeframe charts to help frame a contextual framework. Reach out to Merritt at [email protected] if you’re interested in learning more about using powerful tools like this.

Analysis of Crude Oil & Followup

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Each Friday after lunch, Andrew and I do a Q&A webinar for the SMB Community. We call it Trading Conversations. One question we covered in last week’s webinar was about the current state of Crude Oil. I use Market Profile, so I laid out exactly what I was seeing in “Texas Tea” from a Market Profile perspective. Largest view: 16 … Read More

Unleashing Trading Potential: Leveraging Market Profile Strategies

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The new trader is usually in a rush. They want to be handed a system that will make them profitable practically overnight. A professional and consistent trader is one who is usually informed in a way that goes against the conventional. Getting to that level of knowledge requires building enough experience with conventional information so that you can make it … Read More