Lesson 1: Trading is Decision Making

Lesson #1 : Good trading is about good decision-making Last week, I wrote up seven lessons that I’ve learned about investing and trading over the past few years. That was an overview of some of the more interesting and surprising things that I’d come across in my journey in the markets. As a continuation of this series, I’m going to … Read More

Thanks For Making Us the #1 Trading Blog

SMB has built the most prolific blog for original trading content on the Web. If you google “trading blog” SMB is the first result that appears linking to an actual blog. Our blog traffic globally finds us #1 in our space. In five short years how did we become a place that is now visited by readers in over 100 … Read More

Consider This Before Making a Trade

Good day Mike, How is work and family. Please, I need you to clarify a few things for me. I want to know the role the following indicators play in selecting stocks for day trading. 1. Beta: what value will you use in determining stocks to play(buy/sell or stay away from) 2. ATR 3. ADV 4. Relative Volume:How to determine it … Read More

How Long is Too Long to Not Be Making Money?

Dear Bella, Thank you for all the great ideas that you share on your blog. It is a great tool for trader improvement all around the world. I see you helping so many beginners, so I’m sending you this e-mail with the hope that you can help me as well. I’ve been trading for the last 10 years of which … Read More


BA gapped up on good news but then started an intraday downtrend. Then it found a range from between 72.15 to 72.40. ALJ who sits behind me, aka Mr. Photogenic, started a long position. I started a short position. Same stock. Not five feet from each other. I knew exactly his position and reasoning without dissent. His mentor short and … Read More

Making a Trading Decision

Bella discusses how he used three factors, Reading the Tape, Intraday Fundamentals, and Technicals to make a trading decision in RIMM today.

A Trade Worth Making

We sit. We trade. We rip it up. We watch. We lose some more money. And the damn stock is still in the same place it openend. The little sucker has not even moved. Talk about a morning trading like a Piker. There I was banging in and out of KR on the open. Trading too much. Thinking I saw … Read More