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SMB has built the most prolific blog for original trading content on the Web. If you google “trading blog” SMB is the first result that appears linking to an actual blog. Our blog traffic globally finds us #1 in our space. In five short years how did we become a place that is now visited by readers in over 100 countries each month?

Here are a few of the ways in which I believe SMB has moved to the front of the pack:

  • We offer fresh TRADING content on a daily basis. I think this is extremely rare in our space. And in particular for those offering the content for FREE!

  • We actually talk about our real life trading experiences. There are a plethora of places if you are looking for standard financial content or the next “technical setup” but it’s rare to have pro traders discussing the ins and outs of their own actual trades.

  • We are not focused on one product or time frame. Certainly back in 2008 we focused on intra-day US equities but over time we have moved into extensive coverage of options trading and now forex and futures. As the market has calmed down over the past few years we have spent more time on higher time frame trading as gap risk has decreased. Perhaps in the future we will move into position trading/investing as we allocate more $$ into that type of trading. We do try to avoid discussions of trading/investing that we aren’t involved in personally.

  • We have many different contributors: It certainly is easier to continually produce good content if you aren’t reliant on a single contributor. Most trading blogs feature content from a single trader so they just aren’t able to keep up. In addition to being able to tap into traders from our trading desk we are friendly with many other traders who have generously shared with our readers

  • We focus on process over predictions. Very early on in our history we shared extensively on the process we use and have taught our traders, so that which we share is empowering to those who aspire to trade for a living.

  • We have identified that the principles of “elite performance” that are the key to successful trading are no different than any other performance-related field.

  • We have made it clear that our trading method is a blend of different factors such as the The Tape, technical analysis and catalysts so we can avoid the inconsistency of “one trick” pony type analysis

  • We are happy to answer some of the many trading questions we receive via email in the hope that our responses will benefit others in our trading community

  • We have no problem admitting when we are wrong

It is not in my nature to offer faint praise to our traders or pat myself on my back for a job well done either. But truth be told I am somewhat in awe of the quality and breadth of the content we have created for the trading community during these past five years. Thanks for joining us and we look forward to continuing to exchange ideas in the future.

As a celebration we will be offering a free 10 day training program for all SMBU subscribers. Stay tuned!

Steven Spencer is the co-founder of SMB Capital and SMB University and has traded professionally for 17 years. His email is [email protected].

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2 Comments on “Thanks For Making Us the #1 Trading Blog”

  1. Go on guys, pat yourselves on the back! If my arms were long enough I’d do it for you.

  2. Being a follower of SMB’s blog for years, I find it difficult to add another blog to my feed, others level is not even close to SMB 🙂

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