The easiest trade of this open (STT)

Scanning the market universe on the open STT, State Street Corporation, caught my eye. 1) I liked that it was down a lot 2) I liked that after the open it showed an ability to move away from prices 3) 40/39 were levels on my long term charts so it still had room to trade lower 4) There was a … Read More

The CCL Trade

After the open we meet in our training room to review the open with some of our newer traders. We talked CCL, Carnival Corporation, for the midday and into the close. Before that we went over what we liked about CCL and what we didn’t. What we didn’t like: 1) Future bookings to probably decrease because of the accident. 2) … Read More

Using Prior Days’ Price Action–NFLX

Prior to the Open of Friday’s shortened trading session there was not much in the way of fresh news catalysts. So my first trading choices were second and third day plays. For those of you who are new to the SMB Blog you can use the “search” feature on the blog to review posts explaining how and why we trade … Read More