Improve your trading this weekend with these educational videos – recap of the week of February 29, 2020

BellaBella Daily Update

Trader Education: A top trade for day traders to learn {especially when you begin} Options Trading Blunders: Why should I waste my money buying long options to protect my short options Two things traders should be doing today Why you need a trading network {ways you can build yours} What moves momentum stocks {where to buy Tesla} *no relevant positions … Read More

Snapchat- When to add size

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Traders often want to trade bigger.  Today SNAP offered an example to me of when and how. I was short Shapchat ($SNAP) intraday and scrolling through the SNAP positions of our other traders on the desk. I felt like I was not big enough in my short. I started to think where I could add to my winning position. First, … Read More

A Trade to Master- $RIG

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One of our new trainees from Thailand traded RIG yesterday and sent me a PlayBook on this trade.  This was his Trade Management slide for the trade.  There are some lessons here. 1) Great job being in the best stock yesterday for intraday traders, RIG.  You are only as good as the stocks you trade.  This was a stock with … Read More