One Easy Trade (ANF)

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After our 11AM Open review a trader approached my desk. “Bella can I ask you a question?” “Yes.” “Do you think I should add here to ANF?” (Abercrombie & Fitch Company) I looked at the chart, saw it trending cleanly above the important 41.50 technical level, spotted a target entry at 42.11 and a definable exit at 41.94, found room … Read More

Copy this trader

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A decent day for me to start the month of February. I have experimented a lot of new trading techniques today, and added more elements to my trading. For example, trading a high beta, in-play earning stock like AMZN. In fact, 1/2 of my daily P&L was generated from AMZN today. 178 was the pre-mkt level we had discussed in the … Read More

Is this a tape reading play that you make?

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Mike/Bella/Mr. Bellafiore, First, I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for the trading community. I’ve learned orders of magnitude more from the fruits of your efforts than from any other single source since I’ve started trading. You’re doing great things. My question is about tape reading. How would you describe the difference between tape action that signals a … Read More