Last 15 Minutes

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Large movements generally start more than 15 minutes before the Close. The last four trading days we have seen very explosive moves in the last 15 minutes of the trading day. Today we tanked right before the Close. The last two trading days we have seen significant downmoves. The two trading before that we saw significant upmoves.
Today in the last 15 minutes SPY dropped from 87 to 84. This is unusually late for such moves.

I am not sure why we are getting such large moves so late. But this is something in the back of my mind. I will consider this trading into the Close tomorrow.

I was careful trading on the Open. I lowered my tier size in half and traded AAPL. I was immediately down over 1k and with this lowered size. Good thing I decided to lower my tier size. I sat in my seat and fought back. By lunch time I was even. By 1PM I was positive. By the end of the day I pieced together a decent trading day.

But I was careful. I traded 1/3 of my tier size for GS into the Close. And I waited for absolutely great risk/reward plays. GS was trading with 25-50c spread. There was very little volume. The market seemed unsure which direction to take. So I made an adjustment- lower tier size, only great risk/reward opportunities. And I put together a profitable close.

It’s a long day. And each day is different. I was patient. I made adjustments. The market rewarded me.

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