Improve your trading this weekend with these educational videos – recap of the week of February 22, 2020

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How A Junior Prop Trader Made a Series of Scalp Trades To Achieve A Daily High In Profits ($TSLA) What moves momentum stocks (where to buy $TSLA) Huge Options Trading Blunders: I’m switching to the options strategy that’s CRUSHING it  Why Some Traders Never Achieve their Potential When you are ready to success as a trader (The Good Fail) *no … Read More

How this trader improved

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I was chatting in the hallway at our firm in NYC, with a developing trader who was verbally proud of his improvement on that day.  He was really proud. I asked him what progress he had made and how.  In detail, he offered his improvement.  When he was done, I asked him to memorialize the improvement in an email to … Read More

SMB College Tour

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As I write I’m heading back on Amtrak to NYC, completing our fall recruiting trips. I’ve been pretty sick the past week and I’m sure that those around me are hoping I get off at the next stop. Sorry, I am not. It’s another two hours with me. Just took another swig of NyQuil, so that should help. On my … Read More

This is a trader’s fault

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I received this trading recap from an SMB Trader: I love these types of days where I can keep my tickets really low and keep 95% of what i gross. For some reason when I trade from home, i don’t over trade and am able to keep my tickets really low. maybe because i have other responsibilities when i stay home like … Read More

Five Suggestions for Traders

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I was in my office today working on my next book The PlayBook when I got pinged with this from the trading community: Mike,  what do you do when you’re a practicing trader, working, saving, and studying to begin trading live, and you feel your motivation begin to peter out. You have this goal but the road there seems like … Read More