Start Slow? Start Fast?

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Last night I had drinks and apps with two experienced traders. After some catching up we got into a discussion/argument about the best way to start your trading career. It has been written here that no one ought to trade 200 shares live until they can make money with 100 shares. You are the worst you will be as a … Read More

A path to profitability

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“If I increase my stop then I will start making money.” This just might be the single silliest thing I have ever heard a trader say.  No “trading is in my genes” is. I will offer a path to profitability to consider.  Look there is no one right way to achieve your goal but there are definitely wrong paths.  Adding … Read More

A Scalp Trade on JBL

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This is a post from our traders TO about a scalp trade he made on JBL from yesterday: My trading desk neighbor SW and I were both trading JBL today, with 19 as the key level of interest. Without knowing it, I took the opposite direction of his trade at the Open for a quick momentum scalp. SW got long … Read More

The nice thing about communicating at a desk (PEP)

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A guest post written by trainee SW: Communication is one of the 7 fundamentals taught here at SMB. The nice thing about trading here is that traders are always sharing ideas and learning from one another. Today was not an exception. I was involved in PEP shorts in the morning. However, PEP couldn’t hold below the 62 level from yesterday. … Read More

Forex trade of the week

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A key point in the EUR/CHF trade was when the price fractured the areas of support, which are identified by the Fibonacci retracement at level .618 % at an approximate price of 1.2800. Once those areas have been breached, we expect the trend to be lower than the previous minimums, but in turn, the price increases producing up trends. This … Read More

I Am a Technical Trader

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This afternoon on CNBC’s Fast Money Halftime Report, Dennis Gartman (producer of the respected The Gartman Letter and former futures analyst for A.G. & Becker) and I seemed to dissent about how to play GS.  We didn’t.  Let’s discuss. About a week ago, I advocated shorting GS at 150 with a stop at 151.17 and a target of 140. For … Read More