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In The PlayBook, my thesis was for traders to study their best trades and build from them, trading these setups more often and bigger.  The feedback I have received is that this has helped many traders.  If you are not actively studying your strengths, consider doing so.

Yesterday, during our SMB Options Tribe webinar, special guest, trading author, and trading coach to some of the world’s largest traders Dr. Brett Steenbarger shared,”The best traders study when they trade best.”

This is a more complete thought.

A subset of studying when you trade best is the best setups for you.  But studying your best trading involves more.  Such as:

I trade well when I workout 4xs a week.

I trade well when I am under 197 pounds.

I trade well when I trade stocks with a news catalyst.

I trade well when I sleep 8 hours a night.

I trade well when I take time to have fun outside of work.

I trade well when I drink ice tea during the trading session and nix diet soda.

I trade well when I practice mindfulness each day.

I trade well when I leverage technology to assist my trading.

I trade well when I express my ideas with stocks AND options.

When do you trade well?

And then next, who will hold you accountable for you keeping the routine that allows you to trade at your best?

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