I trade well when…..

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In The PlayBook, my thesis was for traders to study their best trades and build from them, trading these setups more often and bigger.  The feedback I have received is that this has helped many traders.  If you are not actively studying your strengths, consider doing so. Yesterday, during our SMB Options Tribe webinar, special guest, trading author, and trading … Read More

Why Do You Trade? (Dr. Brett Steenbarger)

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In a recent post, Mike Bellafiore raised the important question of “Why Do You Trade?” In that post, Dr. Jonathan Katz pointed out that the motivation to make money is often not sufficient to sustain traders. He explains that, “People need to continually find new challenges in what they do and pursue.” This is a great topic, because it separates those … Read More

A Must Read: The Daily Trading Coach

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The first time I met Dr. Steenbarger was in the smaller conference room of our proprietary trading firm in NYC. We were finalizing our training program and we wanted the best teacher that we knew to review our work. He wasn’t being paid, he was just a trading coach offering a helping hand. As Dr. Steenbarger offered his critique I was … Read More