Transitioning from a Floundering Retail Trader to a Profitable Pro Trader

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SMB’s main business is a prop trading desk in NYC.  We partner with The Kershner Trading Group, who offers the best technology suite in our space and massive buying power, to run this business.  Historically, even before Wall Street Warriors and One Good Trade and The PlayBook, SMB’s competitive advantage has been training traders from new to consistently profitably and then high performing trader and then better.  It’s our learning and training culture that allows our prop desk to compete.

But we also run another business that is open to aspiring traders globally.  We call it SMB Training.  Our hope is to help retail, developing and novice traders trade better.  We do this in options and futures and systems and equities.  This is a for-profit trader training division of SMB.  However, the real home run for SMB comes when an SMB Training student earns a spot on our trading desk in NYC.

One path to doing this is thru taking our training programs, catching our eye thru your hard work and ability during training, interviewing and earning a spot on the desk.  Only the best of the best of our SMB Training students receive this consideration.

One program that starts that path is our new training program The Winning Trader.

We study the heck out of those who succeed at our firm, influenced heavily by the work of Dr. Steenbarger (a daily must read).

We study the heck out of those trainees from SMB Training who thrive.  And we share that with the trading community on our blog and free daily video.

Let’s meet another successful trainee, in the video below, at SMB Training to learn how he won last year’s best student award, and free SMB Foundation in-house training on our prop desk in NYC.

Study who is succeeding so you improve your trading game!


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