Why set goals? Not just in trading but in any part of life?

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“Top scientists estimate that we’re bombarded with over 400 billion bits of information every second. There is no way we could possibly pay attention to this much information. It would literally drive us insane.

In fact, we are only capable of consciously processing approximately 2,000 bits of information. That’s only 0.0000005% (5 ten-millionths of 1 percent) of the world around us. This means that we literally have to delete distort and generalize 99.999999% of all the information around us which makes judging your environment similar to judging the content Entire Encyclopedia Britannica by looking at a part of 1 letter.

Our goals determine which 5 ten millionths of one percent of our world we pay attention to.

Let’s look at this with the analogy of a search engine. How many things can you find on the Internet? When you search on the Internet, what determines what you find?

Whatever words you punch into the search engine!

When you put words into the little box you are telling the computer what information to pay attention to so that it will bring that information into your awareness.

Think of your mind as a search engine sorting through billions and billions of bits of information.  Your goals are the text that you punch into the search engine of your world.  Whatever you type into that engine is going to be what your mind is looking for and hence bring into your reality.

Punch in poverty and you will bring all the things that support you in finding a path to poverty into your awareness. Search for wealth and you will bring in all the things that support creating wealth into your awareness.

The things you focus on are literally going to be your experience of life, therefore choosing your goals and deciding what to focus on is critically important in creating a great life. I say choosing your goals because whether you realize it or not, you already have goals. If you haven’t purposely chosen your goals then you are destined to have them chosen for you by other people and your environment. And that can be pretty scary because you end up having a goal like….. I have to go to this crappy job or else I’ll lose my house and have to live on the street.

This type of goals puts the focus of your attention on “crappy job”, “losing your house” and “living on the street”. Which in turn puts crappy job, lose house and live on street into your search engine. As a result you sit and wonder why you can’t figure out a way to make money.

This is no way to go through life and it is no way to trade. So please, set your trading goals, at least for the year and then to cement them in by writing a small paragraph as to why those goals are important to you.

It will really help you stay on track. As well as determine which strategies you should be trading.

If you find you need help with your goals, it might be worth setting up a laser focus session at www.lockeinyoursuccess.com  to get you focused on the path of your dreams.

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