A day in the life of a professional trader

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Yesterday our education division, SMBU, held a webinar: A day in the life of a trader.  The purpose was to share best practices for traders to turn into habit so they trade better. If traders do all the things necessary to improve, then they can improve.  As I give this presentation, I have an internal conversation with myself. I really … Read More

Trend-Following in Life and the Markets

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Traders are always trying to improve their game. Beginners usually jump from strategy to strategy in search for some holy grail that will always win no matter what the markets do. Pro traders outguess their gut and their systems in attempts to make or save an extra buck. Such efforts are usually self-correcting by losing money. I believe we all … Read More

Why set goals? Not just in trading but in any part of life?

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“Top scientists estimate that we’re bombarded with over 400 billion bits of information every second. There is no way we could possibly pay attention to this much information. It would literally drive us insane. In fact, we are only capable of consciously processing approximately 2,000 bits of information. That’s only 0.0000005% (5 ten-millionths of 1 percent) of the world around us. This means that we … Read More