Weekend learning lessons from the prop desk

Trading on tilt

An honest and raw video from Steve on how he traded on tilt recently.  Pro traders struggle with these real issues.  The key based on my work with elite traders is to develop

a system of best practices turned into habit that protect you from these inevitable bad moments.  They ensure you keep more of the profits from your good work.

How to trade Breakout Traders more effectively (ETSY)

We tried something new here with multiple cameras to give you an inside look into our training room.  A junior trader presents a trade in this video with me providing

critical feedback.  It is different.  Kinda cool.  Interested in the feedback from the community if we ought to do more videos like this.

How to Protect Yourself Against Over Confidence

Dr. Steenbarger noted Steve’s work here in this important video.  Steve lays out 4 rules for you to consider in your trading.  The best traders I work with, inside the firm

and the select elite traders I coach outside the firm, often need help in this area.  So if they struggle with this, then I am sure many others do as well.

A Live Trading Event (Sydney) with Senior Traders Sharing How and Why they have Succeeded

This video is the raw footage from a live event I did with two senior ASX equities traders in Sydney.  It was a packed house.  It was a great event.  The feedback is there is

a ton to learn from this video.  An e-book, in fact, is shortly to drop from this event.  Grow or die!  Collaborate with other successful traders to grow.

Why it is WRONG to short the market right now

Spencer gets fired up in this video.   That alone is worth viewing.  Good insight into determining the overall market direction and how you adapt as such.

Looking forward to taking Lukey to the Big East Tournament this weekend, my 5-Day intermittent fast ending, Saturday date night, and Serendipity 3 with the kids

to celebrate their report cards.  Have a great weekend!

*no relevant positions