Trading Analogies and Humor

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We have a great new training class from September 09.  Some classes for whatever reason can turn out outstanding and others ordinary.  Same teacher, same material, but very different results.  And from my seat very different teaching experiences.  We haven’t held a new training class since September of 09 so lucky for us that they are so enjoyable.   June of 08 was our best class ever.  But our September class is showing signs.

Today after the Close TH (he is TH until he starts making a lot of money and then he will get a nickname like “GMan” or in @howardlindzon’s case “HMan”- you are welcome Howard) showed tape of a trade he made last month in BA (Boeing).  60 was an important level and BA violated this support level.  So TH started a short position- Trade2Hold Below Support Play.  And then we started having fun.

BA ticked quickly down to 59.73 on light volume.

I commented,”She only agreed to a First Date.”

And then BA quickly snapped back to the 60 level.

“She is looking around the restaurant to upgrade potentially.”

And then BA ticked through 60.

“She has gotten up from her seat and smiled at someone.”

TH countered,”She is just going to the bathroom.  She will be back.”

I continued,”If 60 holds the bid up here then she has sat down at another table to talk to another guy.  If 60.10 holds the bid then she has given her number to that other dude.”

We rolled some more tape and BA found lower ground.  50c of a clean downmove followed.

TH grew more confident in his relationship.

I asked,”Did BA go down because it was weak or was it just the market was weak?  Is she just with you because you took her to a nice restaurant?”

We watched some more tape and then BA went down another point.

TH was beaming.   If he was an NBA baller he would have been pounding his fist against his chest.  Clearly BA was weaker than the market.  She liked him.  Or as Trader Chris quipped,”He just hooked up Bella!”

Like those who you might date your stocks send you mixed messages.  Your job is to intake the data and determine if she really likes you.

Best of luck with your trading.

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