The progress of losing less on your worst days

BellaBella Daily Update, General Comments

In a recent Daily Report Card an improving Junior Trader noticed his progress on losing less on his worst days.  This is important progress.

The Junior Trader wrote:

Was really quite a back and forth type of day and never really gained much traction. However, I was green, which I was surprised at the end of the day because I really felt like many things didn’t really go my way. This is a good feeling because I know that allot of my trades didn’t work out, but still was able to remain flexible and stay green. This is something that I have been working on and has lead from big red days becoming smaller and smaller. The ability to be flexible and ADMIT WHEN I AM WRONG has saved me on many trades.

We often set a goal to make more in our best trades.  Another way to make progress, important progress, is to lose less when we are not seeing screens well.

This Junior Trader has been making terrific progress in his trading of late.  His numbers are improving month over month.  This is just one way that is happening.

Perhaps you might consider this for your trading.

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