Decoding the Secrets: What Do Options Traders Know That Others Don’t?

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Options traders like you have been telling us for years what they want to achieve in their trading.

Strangely enough, they don’t ask us to show them trades that make bigger profits. Nor do they ask for risk-free trades. The word we hear most from options traders is consistency.

Who wouldn’t want to be more consistent, right?

However, we believe consistency is not enough. After all, you can be consistent at getting mediocre results, consistent at breaking even, or you can even be very consistent at losing.

We regularly see options traders make the following mistake.

In the fight to achieve “consistency”, traders stare at the most prominent scoreboard (their P/L).

They watch their P/L from minute to minute — perceiving a negative P/L to be a sign that they are not achieving consistent gains.

In an effort to correct the situation, they often compound their losses. By trying to force consistent profits each day, they actually destroy any chance of realizing the consistency that the trade was designed to achieve; which is measured on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

The traders that break free of this natural instinct go on realize what originally attracted them to options trading — high probability of consistent monthly returns without predicting the direction of the market.

Our proprietary trading desk is well stocked with traders that have made it to this level. Most of them have followed a very similar training path which began with either the M3 Options System or the Bearish Butterfly System.

Some options traders believe they have been trading “something similar” to these strategies; but without going through the comprehensive training process, they simply don’t know what they don’t know.

We are currently in the process of enhancing the Bearish Butterfly course to include several hours of continuing education that John has recorded in private mentoring sessions over the past 3 1/2 years.

This opportunity will be announced soon.

Stay tuned!

Seth Freudberg
Director of SMB Options


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