Rhino Backtesting Report

smbcapitalOptions Education

Since releasing the¬†Rhino¬†options strategy last week, the number one topic of conversation is related to our 10-year study. Options traders are excited to see that rules which generated a strong profit in the 2008 bear market are also effective for runaway bull markets in later years. This type of out-of-sample data is very encouraging and one of the reasons the … Read More

Wait For Your Pitch

smbcapitalFree Daily Trading Video

In this video Seth Freudberg emphasizes the importance of patience in waiting for the best price to initiate a trade and the many if benefits of holding out for an optimal price to enter a trade.

Think Outside the Box

smbcapitalFree Daily Trading Video

In this video, Seth Freudberg covers a simple technique for cutting an options position’s exposure to increased options volatility–a risk that exists right now in this low volatility, low volume market environment.

Trade Like You Backtest

smbcapitalFree Daily Trading Video

Options traders frequently deviate from their own backtested trade guidelines when trading live with real money because they get emotional or affected by news. In this video Seth Freudberg explains the fallacy in that approach.

Why Bail Out On A Solid Strategy?

smbcapitalFree Daily Trading Video

In this video, Seth Freudberg talks about staying in a solid strategy. The most solid options strategies will experience losses at various times during the year. Solid options traders recognize this and are unphased by expected losses. Traders without discipline bail out of well designed options strategies after experience a few losses, that were entirely expected. Traders who abandon solid … Read More

Andrew’s Strategy Set Theory

Andrew FaldeTrading Theory

In this video Andrew Falde looks at combining diversified strategies in different asset classes to create a portfolio equity curve that is reliable and smooth. This strategy set will be an on-going update. * no relevant positions