Weekend learning lessons for traders from the prop desk – November 16, 2019

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20 habits essential to become a highly profitable trader  Trader Psychology: Every Elite Trader Has These Six Qualities (with Dr. Brett Steenbarger) How To Short A Stock With Good News (Spencer) Swing Trading Strategies: You Can Boost Your Trading Returns With This Simple Options Technique What’s Holding You Back From Being A Consistently Profitable Traders? (We Answer Your Questions) *no … Read More

Developing new traders into high performing traders at SMB (Podcast with TradingStory.com)

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Mike Bellafiore was interviewed on TradingStory.com by Brandon Clay. To see more videos of interviewed traders go to TradingStoryPodcasts or get them on iTunes. Here is an excerpt from tradingstory.com……… Mike Bellafiore – the trading coach developing high performing traders.   Mike co-founded SMB Capital with a focus on teaching new traders how to become consistently profitable traders.  There is not … Read More

Picking Your Tier Size, Part II

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In my last entry last week I presented an simple yet powerful approach to picking your tier size based on the risk you take on a play. Furthermore, the blog entry describes how to go about picking a tier size that works well independently of what kind of stock you are trading any minute of your day. In this entry … Read More