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Mike Bellafiore was interviewed on by Brandon Clay.

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Here is an excerpt from………

Mike Bellafiore – the trading coach developing high performing traders.


Mike co-founded SMB Capital with a focus on teaching new traders how to become consistently profitable traders.  There is not another firm in his space that has trained as many traders from new to consistently profitable as SMB.  In fact, some of his firm traders in just three short years  are now High Performing Traders. If you’re interested in learning more about proprietary trading or prop trading, and more importantly how to improve your trading, then this episode is for you.

Podcast Highlights

  • Trading can help you grow as an individual
  • Being able to adapt to the circumstances around you is important in trading
  • The type of people that are a perfect fit for proprietary trading
  • Being a trader requires it being something you really want to do, but also have a Plan B in place

From the Trader’s Story

“Proprietary trading is really about guys trying to be as good as they can be as traders.”

“With each trade you have to have a predetermined stop loss, and stick to it.”

“You want to have a growth mindset.”

Best Trading Advice: “To continue to type up stocks and look for ideas all day long.”

Parting Advice

“Your job is to build your business, and the way you build your business is to be patient, to expose yourself to different types of set ups, to find the time frames and the products that make the most sense for you and that fit your intellectual talents.”- Mike Bellafiore, The Trading Coach

Newer Trader Resources

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Technical Analysis

Short Term Trading

Over-The-Counter Stocks

Other Resources Mentioned by Trader


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